HeartLinc ® Executive Life Coaching and Personal Development
"I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all"

Company Profile

Shirleen Titus

Managing Director

Shirleen is a member of the International Coach Federation

HeartLinc provides a holistic and client-orientated approach to leadership development for individuals and teams, delivered via professional and ethical business practices.

With our global work and living experience, HeartLinc offers unique and diverse learning in all its workshops and coaching sessions. The combination of academic qualifications and hands-on practical skills enables HeartLinc to deliver extraordinary value and service to its clients. As a specialist provider of Coaching and Personal Leadership Skills development, HeartLinc leverages peoples’ “freedom to learn” to build skills and organizational capability. Existing clients are assured in the knowledge that all their specific needs are uniquely satisfied.


HeartLinc Management team subscribes to the principles as embodied in our vision statement:

"Success through Diversity


The Challenge

Address Business Performance Gaps which continue to restrict Sustainable Share Growth

HeartLinc Response

Link your Customers’ needs to your Peoples’ Capability to deliver

HeartLinc Delivery

Adopts a “Touch & Feel” learning process
Nurture your Spirit for Continuous Personal, Team, Customer and Business Growth
Grow your Peoples’ capability to Learn, Understand and Do

HeartLinc Programmes provide the energy to

Build Superb Personal Leadership
Develop & Evolve Instinctive Powerful Teams
Trigger Responsive Leadership in Customer Preference
• Grow Sustainable Business Value and Profitability


HeartLinc was founded by Shirleen and Emilio Titus in 2005, in response to recognized human performance challenges in business and communities.

HeartLinc has clients located in Africa and Europe, and has coached many High Potential Leaders to improve their performance and achieve their career goals. The company mission is to link personal effectiveness to business results. HeartLinc has grown a steady customer base and has already gained new insights into the challenges people face in various industry sectors.

Code Of Conduct

Employees of HeartLinc are committed to upholding a system of principles and ethics as embodied in the following:

Develop & maintain professional knowledge
Conduct business in an ethical and professional manner
Demonstrate basic respect and support to clients and colleagues
Respect company & client confidentiality as a basic premise
Provide high degree of competence in all aspects of business
Create confidence by virtue of example & good practices


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