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"I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all"


Our client portfolio includes corporate, oil industry, financial services, property management, safety & security, entrepreneurs and media.

Client Endorsements

"Shirleen has a different approach to her style of work. She makes one see things out of the box, using a practical approach of telling stories and role play" More »

Industry Experience

I have coaching experience in the following areas:

Financial Services Industry

11 Branch Managers and their teams
Sales Targets
Marketing Plans and Implementation
Customer Services
Brand & Image
Change Management

Key successes:

I coached a new branch manager who was struggling to achieve her sales targets to becoming the top branch in the region for 2 months running and settling into 2nd place for the last 6 months
I coached our Top Performing Branch Manager to implementing her marketing plans and she exceeded her goals in all her sales targets by 20%
I coached the teams to increase our customer base through selling transactional accounts
After restructuring of 2 divisions, we had huge challenges in Change Management, Brand & Image and Customer Services – I had the opportunity to successfully coach several individuals and teams through workshops and 1-1 sessions that gave them the personal leadership required to adapt to the new environment
Oil Industry

1 Global Sales Manager
1 Business Development Manager
1 Regional Sales Planner
Sales and Marketing
Career Management
Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Key successes:

I coached this individual who has a virtual team reporting to him and has been struggling to build authentic relationships. His objective is to grow his sales figures globally and we focussed on his listening skills. This has enabled him to develop new insights into how he should approach his team members and thus far he has indicated a huge improvement in how they have shifted their commitment.
I coached an expatriate to settling into a new environment and job through improving his leadership and personal effectiveness skills. One of his main challenges was in creating an effective work life balance.
I coached an individual in areas such as decision-making skills, relationship and networking skills. This enabled him to achieve his career goals and to face challenges in dealing with change and with new colleagues.

Safety & Security Industry

4 Personal Effectiveness and Leadership
6 Human Resource Talent Pipelining (HiPo’s)
Management skills
Leadership skills
The Balance Score Card Approach to assess and close specific work-related gaps

Key successes:

I am coaching 4 Senior Managers in decision-making skills, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationship skills.
I have commenced the second round of 6 Junior and Middle Managers to strengthen the talent pipeline further.
My coaching has enabled the company to increase the workload of the previous 6 talent pipeline managers by giving them additional projects at work.

Other clients coached:

Entertainment & Casino Industry

10 Mentors who are all Line Managers ranging from Middle to Senior Management Level
Personal Effectiveness and Leadership skills
Group Mentorship Sessions

Property Industry

Human Resource Manager


9 Adults finding it difficult in areas of:
Career Management
Personal Effectiveness and Leadership
Life Coaching
Media articles for the Oprah magazine


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