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"I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all"

Leadership Skills Development

In a changing organizational culture, diversity is the catalyst to sustaining success. Great Leaders build strong links between personal effectiveness and achieving business results.

Leaders have to be innovative, energized, enthusiastic and intuitive to anticipating change and being responsive to the new reality. Leaders have the unique ability to influence people to buy into their dreams and through HeartLinc’s Leadership Programmes we encourage individuals to release themselves from all limitations. Achieving personal goals is a key motivator that provides the energy for team success and as a result business success. Leaders are able to assess quickly what is required from them in the organization and how they can use diversity to strengthen the delivery.

Many people will know when change needs to happen but, it takes a leader to make things happen, like Nelson Mandela and a handful of other leaders who started the change process in human rights in SA in the 1950’s.

HeartLinc places emphasis on helping leaders to operate in a globally diverse market through developing their ability to truly value differences in people. Our programmes will strengthen the leader with skills to build shared vision, develop edge to make tough decisions, generate ideas, energise teams, promote organizational values, stimulate creativity and achieve performance excellence.

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