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"I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all"

Executive & Life Coaching

People's greatest challenge through change is to sustain continuous growth, be happy and perform at their best consistently.

Coaching Philosophy

Many people will align themselves to the words of Scott Peck that says, “life is difficult”. My coaching philosophy is to help people to be successful, by embracing these challenges. I set out to build the capability of individuals and teams, to become better at what they are doing, both in their personal life and their careers, using the ontological approach. I seek to link peoples’ spirit and hearts to the business performance, by unlocking and building their personal leadership attributes.

I help people to appreciate and value differences in themselves and others, and drawing on diversity in their thinking to leverage and build confidence in themselves, and enthusiasm for achieving their goals.

HeartLinc Coaching Model

Using a combination of coaching models and given each individual’s situation based on a thorough needs analysis, I use the HeartLinc Personal Leadership Model (HPLM©) as foundation for leadership development. The focus areas are,

H – Health and Wellness
E – Energy and Edge
A – Appreciation/Affirmation
R – Risk Orientation & Resilience
T – Touch & Feel learning experience

L – Leverage through valuing differences
I – Innovation through diversity in thinking
N - (k)Nowledge is growth
C – Co-create and serve others

This programme ensures that the group of leaders are exposed to the same development process, so that the organization’s thinking is aligned. This is followed by individual coaching sessions where a combination of coaching models are again used. Individual sessions are conducted away from the work environment and coachees are encouraged to take up challenges that they may experience at work, using role play, modeling behaviour and drawing on their life experiences

Unique Personal Contribution

As a coach, I strive to share my personal energy for success with people, and bring a smile to them. I help them to develop the “I can” feeling. I am able to assess quickly, “where people are at”, and able to build a wide and authentic trust relationship with coachees.

I bring my tools and many work & life experiences to the coaching relationship, having worked and travelled abroad extensively. I use personal stories and can share many life experiences of others with whom I have built friendships globally, to enrich the coaching experience.

I have courage, empathy and edge to have difficult conversations with coachees when they have to face up to difficult realities, to ensure that they can move forward. I have a strong belief in peoples’ ability to develop self-awareness and embrace the challenge of personal growth.

The key outcome of my coaching effort is to create and strengthen the “fibre” in people to succeed on a personal level, and link that to delivering outstanding business results.

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