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"I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all"

Client Endorsements

"During this change process I particularly found her input as our coach very valuable and important. She made sure that her presence was felt in all of the branches and in a very short time she developed an intimacy with most of the staff. This intimacy enabled her to tap into the needs of the individuals and here she displayed a huge understanding of valuing differences in people."

“I have more confidence, in preparing for meetings with Senior Management and the agenda”

"As a Coach, Shirleen has helped me to see my job in a more practical sense and I realized that banking is not only a paper-based business but that the customers were at the heart of it all - our service delivery is extremely valuable."

"We agreed on a series of skills essential for my success, giving us a framework within which to work.” These ranged from Driving Banker Activity, Gap Analysis and Resolution, Planning and Organizing, Assertiveness and Conflict Management and even Code of Behaviour Practice amongst my team"

"The sessions were very practical and interactive. In most of the cases, examples were taken from the business environment. The coach helped me to stretch my thinking"

"Another effect of the organizational strategic impact was the fact that many staff was mobilized into other branches and other positions. Shirleen was very good at assessing the situation and how she could facilitate this process of change"

"Shirleen has a different approach to her style of work. She makes one see things out of the box, using a practical approach of telling stories and role play"

"She has made me see new ways of achieving my targets and I am able to face my workload with a lot more confidence"

"She has made me see new ideas and how there are so many better ways of doing things"

"You have made me see things clearer in my mind and I am definitely focused and confident. I have what it takes to be strong against the people at work. I go to work to make money and I am going to stay focused"

"Having someone break it down, and summarizing each issue so that you can see what you are dealing with in clear segments rather than seeing it as one blurry mess of confusion - this really helped me to know exactly what I am dealing with"

"Without realizing it, I taught myself many skills, became more confident and assertive, to the point where I was able to challenge Shirleen herself."

“She allows you to speak about issues that are bothering you and she listens”

“Progress is taking place – I can feel it and see it in my results”

“She listens and is objective in dealing with issues”

“The conversation is simple and to the point”

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