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UnloCk your Financial Wealth Potential through Behavioural Insights

Behavioural Financial Coaching Philosophy

What does it take to build wealth today? The HeartLinc® behavioural financial coaching philosophy is based on the research done by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley and DataPoints’ founder and president, Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, which provide data-backed insights into what it takes to unlock your potential to build financial wealth. These insights include identifying and ignoring the myths about wealth and income. It helps our understanding how those around you influence your financial behaviours. It revisits the need to be living below your means; it uses assessments for identifying and developing your own behaviours that are conducive to building wealth; It clarifies the importance of finding careers and opportunities that allow for both economic and lifestyle-related freedom; It helps you gain knowledge and composure to invest and grow wealth.

HeartLinc® has an established partnership with Datapoints, to use the suite of assessments, and then apply Behavioural Economics and Insights to coach important individual and household shifts, in pursuit of achieving financial independence.