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Build autonomous eco-leadership that extends from the core to the edges of your organisation

People’s greatest challenge through change is to embrace the need to experiment through new experiences, discover and engage their human spirit, so that they can explore their true desire and purpose.

Personal & Team Development Coaching Philosophy

The HeartLinc® coaching philosophy is to help people to be successful, by taking responsibility for their challenges. We set out to build the capability of individuals and teams, to become better at what they are doing, both in their personal life and their careers, using the ontological and psychodynamic approach. We help clients adapt and grow through a 5-stage process of,

  1. Depth analysis
  2. Relational analysis
  3. Leadership analysis
  4. Network analysis
  5. Strategic analysis

This allows people to reconnect with themselves, as well as reframe how they connect with Others. They also strengthen the link between their purpose and the goals of the organisation or communities they serve. We help people to appreciate and value differences in themselves and others, and draw on diversity in their thinking to leverage and build confidence in themselves, and enthusiasm for achieving their goals

Unique Personal Contribution

In our coaching, we strive to share our personal energy for success with people, and restore their human spirit. We help coachees to develop autonomous and authentic trust relationships. We bring tools and many work & life experiences to the coaching relationship, based on working with diverse clients and environments, and use personal stories about  life experiences of others with whom we have built friendships globally, to enrich the coaching experience.

We have courage, empathy and edge to have difficult conversations with coachees when they have to face up to difficult realities, to ensure that they can move forward. We have a strong belief in peoples’ ability to develop self-awareness and embrace the challenge of personal growth.

The key outcome of our coaching practice is to create and strengthen the “timbre” in people to succeed on a personal level, and link that to delivering outstanding societal and business results.