Customer Endorsements

“HeartLinc has become an essential partner in our journey to enhance team performance. Their sensitive, holistic and customer-orientated approach has consistently improved team effectiveness and reinforces the criticality of bringing humanity into the workplace: that often missing element when attempting to transform teams and inspire exceptional performance.”

Senior Executive

The HeartLinc journey has been phenomenal, very informative. I have learnt things I did not know about myself.

HeartLinc has improved my self-confidence regarding esteem, ideas, problem-solving skills, character and personality and knowing those of Others.

A positive impact on me and realising the influence I can have on how cohesive the team operates.

It assisted me with making decisions and made me aware of the team’s needs. I am more aware of challenges facing the team. Overall, my well being has improved as I feel more supported and less like I am on my own.

Every session is like a revelation.

The team has benefited greatly from the HeartLinc programme as is clearly demonstrated by current successes.

For me its mainly to accept who I am and how I form a part of this Team. Everyday I become more confident in being myself and approach people accordingly i.e. I will engage more.

Great programme, lots of soul searching as individuals and as a team. Key obstacles were identified leaving the team feeling enabled, empowered, capable and energised.

The shift was good as people understand each other more, knowing that every person is different and there is nothing wrong to be different. More relationships have been built; we trust each other more.

People are more open to discussion and willing to have more difficult discussions. There is a mutual respect and willingness to cooperate.

The discussion and evidence-based behavioural insights, gave me much better insight on how people make decisions. I will also reflect on how I make decisions and how I can do better.

  1. I appreciated the four aspects of Trust – how to build, maintain and restore trust.
  2. Personal / Individual / Team acknowledgment and recognition – we do not always take the time to pause, reflect and celebrate.

Conflict resolution – I learnt that conflict does not have to be a bad thing as we can learn how to resolve challenges that we come across.

Look at the employees / workers in a more human way

When implementing change, make it clear to those affected why the change is implemented and try to keep that spark (keep people interested)

The understanding that being different is not wrong and that working together as a team, we can do better.